About Us

We’re passionate about Wellness and we’re on a mission to help everyone lead happier, healthier lives. We believe Wellness is made up of healthy body, mind, spirit and overall wellbeing and none of these works without the other. Whether its finding you the best Practitioner geo-targeted to your exact location, or helping a Wellness business automate their Marketing strategy so they can get on with doing what they love, helping others – we’re working all the time to simplify and improve this process.

We help you run a highly successful Wellness business

  • Wellness business on Wellclik.com saw their business grow by 30%.
  • 98% of users say using Wellclik dramatically improved their Wellbeing.
  • 76% of Wellness business saw increased loyalty amongst their customers.
  • 100% satisfaction rate to-date

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We have some of the brightest minds from Finance, Marketing, Sales and Wellness working on our team. If you’d like to join us send a copy of your CV to jobs@wellclik.com.

Wellness & Blog

We’re happy to answer any queries you have on Wellness. Please visit our Wellness blog here or email us to press@wellclik.com for your requests.


We regularly host pop-up wellness events featuring stars from Wellness and Sports. If you’d like to get involved or partner up with us, email to events@wellclik.com.

Hear what two Olympians have to say about us

Olympian Jessica Ennis Hill

Olympian Katarina Johnson Thompson