Benefits of Magnesium

Benefits of Magnesium

You would have to be living on the moon lately to not have heard every ‘health influencer’ talking about trying to increase their Magnesium intake due to its benefits, so we wanted to investigate a bit more on your behalf. Why is Magnesium so important? And what are the best sources of Magnesium?

Magnesium for Health

Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle aches, spasms, is linked to poor digestion, anxiety and insomnia.

– Energy Boosting
– Improved sleep patterns
– Can Increase flexibility by reducing aches and pains in the bones
– Its said to ease anxiety
– Increases mineral absorption
– It can relieve Migraines

So how to do you increase your intake of Magnesium?

Great natural sources of Magnesium are leafy greens like spinach, almonds, avocados, tomatoes, nuts like cashews are great, beans like black beans and lentils and seeds are great too.

My favourite – Dark Chocolate is a great source of Magnesium too! Yes!

Other sources:
Take a bath!
I often don’t have time to tick off the list of veggies and beans above to make sure i’m consumed enough magnesium, so often after the gym or a hard day at work i’ll take a bath in Magnesium salts. Your skin is the most porous organ on our body so its the best way to absorb minerals, by applying them topically.

Magnesium Flakes

I use the ‘Better You’ range, as they have a huge selection of specifically Magnesium rich products. I usually run a bath with the Better You Magnesium Flakes as they come in big 1kg and 5kg packs so i can make sure i always have some around. Plus a bath is super relaxing, so its chilling me out after a stressful day at work and also ensuring i’ve topped up my Magnesium levels.

Magnesium Oils

Then i’ll finish off my using a Magnesium Oil after my bath, again having the benefit of being really nourishing and moisturising whilst locking in that added Magnesium too. Again, i always have the Better You Magnesium Oil at hand because i know for a fact that they work and they have a lovely range that even includes a Lavender oil, so i can put it on just before bed and the scent eases into a blissful sleep too.

Try a Magnesium supplement!
Magnesium supplements are easily available from your local health food shop. I always keep a pack of supplements with me, particularly when i’m travelling so that i have them within easy reach in the car or in my suitcase.

So now you know what all the hype is about. Make sure to keep your Magnesium levels in check.
And if you’d like to find out more about Magnesium check out the Better You website which has a huge source of really interesting facts on Magnesium, right HERE

And if you are concerned about your Magnesium levels please visit a qualified health professional, your GP or book an appointment with a Nutritionist or Dietician on to have your levels checked

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