Healthy Chicken Bone Broth Soup recipe

Healthy Chicken Bone Broth Soup recipe

Too often we can be guilty of throwing too many ingredients into the pot when making a soup and not appreciating the natural flavours of a simple broth soup, so todays recipe is one of my favourites – a simple Healthy Chicken Broth Soup. Prepare to make the simplest yet most glorious soup to make your heart sing!

Chicken Bone Broth soup using Sadies Kitchen Bone Broth

Recipe: Healthy Chicken Broth Soup


1 x Chicken Breast (organic or free range preferably) chopped into thin pieces

1 x Packet of Sadies Kitchen Chicken Broth

1 x Leek, chopped finely into rings

1 x Carrot, chopped finely

1 x Broccoli, chopped finely into florets


1. Lightly sautee your leeks in a cup of Sadies Kitchen Bone Broth until they glisten and soften as they broth evaporates

2. Add you chicken breast pieces and sautee them until they are cooked through, taking care not to let them burn, just add a cup of broth every time the saucepan dries out

3. Now add your carrots and the remaining broth, turn the heat right down to simmer very gently and walk away……remembering to check on it every now and again for about 30mins as the content of the saucepan take on the flavour of the broth.

4. Finally post taste-test, add your broccoli for the final 5 mins making sure to take it off the heat as soon as the broccoli has gone bright green.

5. You can season to taste but i prefer to enjoy this as it is, with all its chicken-y glory.

And most importantly, remember to enjoy it!

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