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Love Your Gut Week Recipe: Courgette Shakshuka

Courgette shakshuka This recipe is inspired by the Middle Eastern dish made from spicy peppers and onions topped with eggs. In this version courgettes are spiralised and stir fried with sunflower seeds and herbs. The sunflower seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients and together with the courgettes provide dietary fibre to feed the microorganisms in [...]read moreLove Your Gut Week Recipe: Courgette Shakshuka

Make Kombucha at Home

Making Kombucha might sounds like a very difficult process when you’re starting out, but its surprisingly easy! i can prove it, having just harvested by first batch or brew of Kombucha in only 14 days. So i’ve put together a guide thats easy to follow and explains its benefits Benefits: 1. It aids Digestion 2. [...]read moreMake Kombucha at Home