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Love Your Gut Week, 17th to 23rd Sept

Top Tips for Good Gut Health for Love Your Gut Week, 17th-23rd September 2018 A healthy gut is vital to our overall health and wellbeing and one of the most important organs in the body. It may be easy to take for granted, but this special organ really does deserve to be looked after! The [...]read moreLove Your Gut Week, 17th to 23rd Sept

New Nutrition App for Vegans

As the last day of Veganuary, the month-long plant-based diet challenge, comes into view The Vegan Society is pleased to announce the launch of a tool that can help participants continue their transition. The charity has released a handy nutrition app designed to help vegans hit their nutritional targets every day by providing an easy-to-use [...]read moreNew Nutrition App for Vegans

Make Kombucha at Home

Making Kombucha might sounds like a very difficult process when you’re starting out, but its surprisingly easy! i can prove it, having just harvested by first batch or brew of Kombucha in only 14 days. So i’ve put together a guide thats easy to follow and explains its benefits Benefits: 1. It aids Digestion 2. [...]read moreMake Kombucha at Home

Whats the deal with Turmeric?

You may have recently seen Superfoods: The Real Story, on Channel 4, which highlighted that to benefit from turmeric it needs to be taken in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. It got me thinking, so i consulted with friends who work in Nutrition to find out more. They too me the [...]read moreWhats the deal with Turmeric?

Nutrition and Fertility

‘Babies’ the very word brings a smile to everyone’s face. It is a life changing experience and the most enjoyable one too. It is well established that optimal nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is essential when you are trying to get pregnant or even when you are planning for one.   However, research suggest only a [...]read moreNutrition and Fertility