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Book a Mindful Triathlon Holiday

The term ‘mindfulness’ has become a major buzzword over the past few years as increasingly more individuals are realising that a healthy mental state can translate to tangible benefits in performance, stress relief, motivation, focus and self-confidence. Combining exercise with mindful living, Mindful Triathlon provides individuals with the tools and skills needed to achieve just [...]read moreBook a Mindful Triathlon Holiday

Wellness Gurus: Tom and Tara McBride

Activewear brand Sundried has quickly built a reputation for itself as one to be reckoned with, aligning itself with top sports stars from the worlds of crossfit, triathlon and more. The newest signings to the Sundried ambassador programme are married couple Tara and Tom McBride who together own a CrossFit training facility in Hawaii. This [...]read moreWellness Gurus: Tom and Tara McBride