Yoga Thread Test

Yoga Thread Test

We’ve all been there – you have a favourite, favourite pair of Yoga pants that just shape you the right way, are the perfect texture, hug your hips just right and cover your bum in downward dog….but you wear them to death because they’re so amazing, and now they’re frayed right?

Yoga Thread Test

Fear not, we’ve found a new range of yoga gear that is super stylish and will fit your budget too. Its Blossom Yoga!

Galaxy print

The range of yoga leggings includes lots of bright and playful prints and colours so you can let your personality shine through on the yoga mat, featuring names like ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Northern Lights’ prints.

Northern Lights print

I tried out the Galaxy print leggings and was pleasantly surprised to find the print didn’t stretch to transparency levels that most others do. I never understand why other brands make yoga leggings in such thin material that you are basically flashing the person behind you every time you bend over. Blossom Yoga fabrics are thick enough to offer protection in even the most prone pose, whilst being sleek enough to still give you a great silhouette. The waist is also high, and holds tight no matter how sweaty you get in your Hot Yoga class.

I can’t recommend them enough – plus they offer free shipping within the UK to orders over £50, sweet! To see their full range visit

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